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The mission

Our objective is to have a direct impact on the way in which an organization provides a quality experience at a commercial level. The MR360 is an instrument that guarantees through non-fiscal or administrative professional audits that the processes necessary to achieve excellence are fulfilled.

In a 17-step route, technical evaluations will be carried out in order to determine the commercial and operational status of the organization. 10 steps of the route are adhered to the UN SDGs in order to be able to generate an attitude of awareness that allows contributing to achieve the objectives set for the 2030 agenda.

The certification

For an organization to be able to obtain the MR360CERTIFIED, the quantification of the blocks of operational audits composed of a block of 9 steps with a total value of 73% and commercial ones with the remaining block of 8 steps with a value of 27% must be 100%, this being an exclusive condition within the process.

Trusted certifications are complementary and have the function of recognizing good practices at a technological, environmental and professional level. Six-monthly control audits are carried out on trust certifications, unlike the MR360CERTIFIED on which compliance monitoring actions are carried out annually.


Sustainable Companies

Our certification process is rigorous, for this we have highly trained professionals in each of the stages of the MR360, the organizations that have undergone our audit process enjoy credibility and promote and promote the actions established within the framework of compliance with the SDGs.

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