The reputation, the most important asset.

At Mr Urbina ® we provide solutions focused on the efficient management of intangible assets of organizations. We help identify the key indicators that connect organized structures with their stakeholders, with the intention of building trust and maximizing returns, leveraging a reputation built through good practices.

The Reputation is the best asset


Our program

Comprehensive compliance certification program adhered to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its application helps to promote innovation and equalize the conditions for organizations of all kinds that want to compete in national and international markets.

a comprehensive solution

Bitrix24 offers a wide range of trading tools to help you operate your business on a completely different level.

A great tool

Bitrix24 offers a wide range of tools to help you run your organization with order and efficiency. Bitrix24 is not only a CRM, that is just one of the qualities that it has and serves its users, it is also a collective task planner, intranet and a very intuitive calendar to schedule team meetings.

Bitrix24 is a tool that will become a key ally, one that will allow us to obtain, through order, a positive assessment that will directly impact our #BrandEquity. We know that excellence can only be achieved from the organization.


Commercial Audits Program

MR360 Certified

Comprehensive compliance program aimed at promoting the application of excellent policies, procedures and actions from a commercial point of view.

Eco Hero

We promote the implementation of measures for the benefit of the environment within the implementation of the business plans of each organization.

Customer Support

We certify organizations that provide quality care to their clients through an audit aimed at guaranteeing an excellent experience.

Certified Website

We certify through a technical audit that a website is safe, has excellent performance and good aesthetics oriented to the user experience.

Data Base

We certify through an exhaustive audit the responsible management of an organization's database. The objective is to minimize internal and external risks.

Genuine Discount

We analyze and certify through a 1st and 2nd level technical audit that the discounts and promotions expressed in an eCommerce are legitimate.

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Founder & CEO of Mr Urbina ®

Gustavo Urdaneta

Partner of Mr Urbina ®

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